(NaturalNews) Frontline infectious disease workers are breathing a cautious sigh of relief in the United States today as a full six days have elapsed since the last report of a confirmed Ebola infection on U.S. soil. In one of the most honest opening paragraphs you’ll ever read in the mainstream media, AFP reported via Yahoo News today: “With no new Ebola cases in five days, US authorities were cautious but hopeful Monday that the virus has been contained in the United States after a flawed response revealed shortcomings in the system.” [1]

Health authorities are, of course, making a crucial mistake by thinking Ebola has only a 21-day incubation period when, in reality, people must be watched for 42 days. But the crossing of the 21-day milestone for one group of potentially-exposed individuals is still giving many observers reason to celebrate. As AFP reports:

…officials said it was reassuring that no new infections had emerged in recent days. “We are breathing a little bit easier, but we are still holding our breath,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

Every pause in the outbreak is a renewed opportunity for preparedness

How should you and I interpret this pause in the outbreak? The wisest perspective is to consider it a very fortunate extension on the time allotted for your preparedness efforts. With the Ebola outbreak raging out of control in West Africa, it would be extremely foolish to believe that the containment of the transmission of Ebola caused by a single patient in the USA is the last we will ever see of this horrific, cleverly adaptable virus.

As long as the U.S. southern border remains unprotected and air traffic from Ebola outbreak nations is allowed to freely enter the United States, we are almost certain to see additional cases of Ebola appearing in U.S. hospitals in the months ahead. Natural News has also uncovered proof that USAMRIID virologists were fully aware as far back as 1990 that Ebola variants could become airborne, spreading like influenza through air ducts that infected and killed hundreds of primates in U.S. Army laboratories.

National media ordered to distract the public from Ebola

The good news is that the general public is now being intentionally distracted in other ways to take all attention away from Ebola. It is abundantly clear that over the weekend, the national media was ordered by the White House to stop almost any mention of the term “Ebola” and to downplay any potential risks from the disease.

This was undoubtedly done to stop any further political hemorrhaging that was under way due to the public’s plummeting confidence in government. Mid-term elections are barely two weeks away, and political strategists believe that public faith in government needs to be maintained at the highest level possible in order for democrats to have any real chance of maintaining a majority in the U.S. Senate.

The good news for you and I is that this pause in the transmission of Ebola and the national media coverage provides a “free pass” opportunity to acquire more medical preparedness supplies that were heading toward severe shortages. Bleach should be near the top of your list, followed by medical isolation equipment such as latex gloves, Tyvek body suits with hoods, goggles, shoe covers, medical masks or full-face respirators, and so on.

Governments of USA and Liberia using opportunity to stockpile medical supplies

The federal government is using this opportunity to aggressively stockpile precisely these same supplies. A solicitation posted on October 14 at is requesting vendors who can provide four-year supply contracts for “PPE products identical or equivalent to Life Science SMS Lab Coats, Polypropylene Coveralls, SMS Coveralls, Suntech Microporous Film Coveralls, the Non-Skid/Water Resistant shoe covers, Guardian Nitrile Gloves, and Rhino Shield Latex Medical Grade Gloves.” [2]

Written by Mike Adams
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