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Ryan Michael Hill, son of the late evangelist Steve Hill, died Saturday in Orlando, FL at the age of 27.  Ryan had attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where he was pursuing his dreams in the field of TV and Media Production.

Born in Argentina on October 8, 1987, Ryan was given little chance of living more than just a few days. He was seven weeks premature, weighing just 3 lbs,15 ounces/16″ long. His parents, Steve and Jeri Hill, adopted this precious child as their own, believing even a baby with a few days to live deserved a loving mom and dad. Miraculously, Ryan survived and grew up to be a strong and healthy young man who would later enjoy strenuous sports such as hockey and football.

Ryan was with his family as they pioneered works around the world in Argentina, Spain and Russia. When Ryan was seven, his family moved to Pensacola because of the Brownsville Revival. It was there he developed a fascination with media. He loved working behind the camera. Ryan went on to work with Daystar, GodTV, and Fusion Production Company where he worked on programs for the Food Network, NASA and other major companies. But his favorite thing to do was to film his dad as he preached. Together they dreamed of creative ways to touch the world with the Gospel through media.

Written by Daniel Norris
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