The game is, of course, rigged.

Admittedly, technological devices all around us, in our everyday lives are planned to fail – to break down, stop working, need frequent replacement. From light bulbs, to automobiles, to computers, software, smart phones and more, planned obsolescence is implemented officially (and unofficially) with products and goods across the marketplace.

This means the lives of products marketed and sold to us are shortened to enhance profits for the companies that make them (making suckers and easy marks out of us as consumers).

Reality is suppressed. That game is rigged, too.

In a wider picture, it is also evidence that we are a kept people – highly entertained by gizmos and gadgets – but on a rather short leash with the things we rely upon. Rather than durable goods that can be used to build a future of personal independence and prosperity, most must turn to the same leading companies that have effectively bought up government channels, steered the public consciousness and even socially engineered the thoughts andattitudes of future generations.

Who has the power, if you can’t even trust that you are getting a fair deal, or a say in how technology is used, pursued, developed or unveiled?

Unveiled? Obviously, many technological and scientific developments have been suppressed. Some are just being planned for future markets; others are simply not suitable to the dynamic between the consumer-populace and the owners.

Written by Aaron Dykes
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