Food shortage is a real thing in most of the less developed countries. But even in States where food is abundant in supermarkets and stores, a natural disaster might find you left stranded from any fresh or any supply of food. With climate change a pressing issue every season, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes might push you into creating an emergency food supply. That’s if you want to be responsible and plan ahead; you may not realize it now, but this precautionary measures might help you survive a disaster for weeks. The trick for achieving such an impressive result lies in rationing your acquisitions according to the list of purchases we suggest you follow to the letter over the next year. The tutorial featured here is very simple: start the buying spree with 6 pounds of salt in the first week, continue with 5 cans of chicken cream soup and so on until week 52. Each of the items on the list doesn’t require more than $5 per week and they will last for a while.

This should be enough to sustain two people for one year. For every two people in your family add $5.00 more and double or triple the amount of the item you are buying that week.If you can not afford more than the $5.00 a week for the whole family at least do the $5.00, it’s a start.Remember to mark the date on each item when you buy them and use the oldest first.

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