(NaturalNews) The only thing spreading faster than the global pandemic outbreak right now is the mental illness it seems to invoke across the establishment media. The principle of isolation, a fundamental tool for halting any outbreak, is now being widely and repeatedly described in the leftist media as “racist.” (See video below.)

What we are being told by the media now is essentially that people with dark skin like Thomas Duncan should never be kept in medical isolation because that would be racist. Similarly, flights from countries with dark-skinned people can never be restricted because that, too, would be “racist.”

These are not reasonable arguments; they are the rantings of insane people who happen to occupy influential positions in the media. Most of these people have absolutely no knowledge of laboratory protocols, microbiology, virology or epidemiology, yet they have reached the truly bizarre conclusion that “isolation doesn’t work” when it comes to halting pandemics.

In reality, isolation is the only thing that works. This is precisely why Nigeria and Senegal have been able to prevent the spread of Ebola through their nations: they severely restricted the flow of people across their borders. In Nigeria, anyone suggesting that controlling the borders was a form of racism would be justifiably considered mentally ill (and might even be considered a danger to the public).

Watch U.S. media talking heads equate isolation with racism in this astonishing video:

Watching all this is very educational in understand the collapse of empires

Observing the U.S. government and media mouthpieces descend into wholesale mental illness is instructive to us all. It reminds us why once-powerful empires descend into collapse and ruin.

In the rise of any empire, sensible, hard-working people create abundance through innovation. They are “the builders.” But after the builders come “the apathetic” who abandon the value of hard work of sensible ideas. Following the apathetic are “the parasites” who feed off the abundance created by others and demand greater and greater government confiscation of wealth, intellectual property and liberties. In time, the thought processes of the parasites turns to insanity characterized by complete detachment from economic and physical reality. They make arguments that resemble the ramblings of the mentally ill, yet their arguments are backed up by others who have attained positions of influence in the media who share their mental illness and repeat it like a virus of the mind.

As history has repeatedly shown, these parasites eventually undermine the very foundation of society, ultimately driving it into ruin and destroying the abundance their forefathers created. This is the cycle of the rise and fall of nations and empires: it begins with integrity and ends with mental illness.

Right now, America is in the last stages of mental illness and decline. All rationality has been abandoned on every front imaginable: banking and finance, health care, national defense, illegal immigration and more. The Obama administration’s disastrous response to the global Ebola outbreak is a shining example of the kind of mental insanity running rampant through the asylum known as Washington D.C. With a level-4 biohazard pandemic having spread to the continental United States and replicated in U.S. hospitals, we are told by the president that any real concern is equivalent to “hysteria.” [1]

Meanwhile, CDC director Thomas Frieden — a very high-IQ individual when he’s not working in government — continues to display his own mental illness by clinging to two scientifically false assertions that every virologist knows to be nonsense: 1) That Ebola can only spread through “direct contact” and 2) That restricting air traffic from Ebola-infected nations would not reduce the risk of Ebola spreading to the United States. These two assertions exemplify why Frieden and the CDC remain a very real threat to public safety in America.

Obedient media mouthpieces parrot this insanity with intellectually dishonest arguments such as equating travel restrictions with “turning our backs on Liberia and Sierra Leone.” This is the logical equivalent of saying that Ebola patients in U.S. hospitals should never be kept in isolation rooms because that means we’ve turned our backs on them.

It also brings up the obvious question: If isolation doesn’t work, then why should medical staffers wear any medical isolation gear at all?

If isolation doesn’t work, then why do some hospitals have isolation rooms?

We have to ask these insane people whether it’s “racist” for a doctor to wear a biohazard suit when treating a black Ebola victim? That’s what the mentally ill media people are saying today — that any isolation of a black victim is by definition a form of racism. (Yes, it’s loony tunes, but that’s what they are arguing…)

By the insane logic of the mentally ill, doctors can only wear medical isolation gear when treating white people, apparently. This is the cognitive destination of Looneyville where the insanity of political correctness ultimately leads us.

Written by Mike Adams
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