Monsanto-run FDA claims pesticide foods pose no risk.


Unbiased science has clearly gone out the window when it comes to the GMO discussion. A somewhat recent pro-GMO editorial in Scientific American takes aim at labeling laws for genetically engineered foods, calling them “unscientific.” But proponents of non-GMO food and people’s right to know are saying that Scientific American is the one without a scientific leg to stand on.

The debate is over an article in the September 6th edition of the magazine wherein the editors claim that ‘it would be unsafe to give consumers the false impression that GMOs are unsafe.’ This comes at a time when labeling laws are being considered in 20 different states. The editors go on to say:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has tested all the GMOs on the market to determine whether they are toxic or allergenic,” the editorial states. “They are not.”

Before I retort with the obvious – that the U.S. FDA is completely corrupted with Monsanto and biotech’s funny money, and therefore have no right to declare GMOs or any other drug or product as safe – have the editors not read the reports of numerous other scientists, including individuals from the biotech industry who say that GMO foods are highly toxic and incredibly damaging? Genetic engineers Dr. John Fagan, Dr Michael Antoniou, and researcher Claire Robinson have released a very exacting study of just how toxic these GE crops are – perhaps they should have a look-see.

Scientific American Blasted for Supporting GMOs

Many scoff at the ridiculous claims of the editorial staff of Scientific American. Stacy Malkan, the former director for Yes on 37 (the campaign to pass California’s failed ballot initiative to mandate foods containing GMO ingredients) is one of them:

“The editorial is sloppy and unscientific,” Malkan told the Daily News. “Saying the FDA has tested all the GMOs on the market is patently false. Each individual company is responsible for testing its own products, and they then decide if they want to voluntarily report it to FDA. But they aren’t required to test or report.”

A second point made in the article, which seems to come straight out of the Grocery Manufacturer’s play book, is that labeling foods as GMO will make food prices sky-rocket since GE seeds produce higher yields while using less pesticide.

This is perhaps the most ludicrous statement any magazine claiming to be ‘scientific’ could possibly make. There is absolutely no evidence that GE crops increase yields, and in fact there is a growing set of problems which farmers face when trying to use biotech seed.

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