Islamic State radicals seem to take great pleasure in kidnapping young girls and selling them as sex slaves to the highest bidder, helping to fund their Jihad and spread their horrific brand of evil across the globe.

Unfortunately for a few poor ISIS saps, one 15-year-old girl decided to fight back against her captors, and her actions, which demonstrate a bravery and wisdom far beyond her years, have made her a hero.

From Mad World News:

ISIS reportedly saw another opportunity when discovering a 15-year-old Yezidi girl, but they got more than they bargained for.

The Associated Press has released an interview with a teen girl, who remains anonymous for her protection. The girl says she was captured in Iraq by Islamic State terrorists several times, but successfully escaped, Catholic Online reports.

During a massacre, the young girl was kidnapped along with other children and women, then sold into slavery. The terrorists took her to a prison in Tal Afar. There, she watched her sisters sold into slavery and was soon handed over to a Palestinian man herself.The girl looked for chances to escape, taking the first opportunity presented to her by the man’s housekeeper. The worker allegedly gave her a gun, which she used to shoot and kill her owner.

Written by Michael Cantrell
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