Finally, a good war. And the neocons are ready. That is, ready to send somebody else’s kids and money to do the fighting.

The stage is set. Escalation of the Middle East war is progressing nicely. ISIS is an easy target and the emotions are running high. The internationalists, the war profiteers, the neocons, for decades have been searching for the good war. Since World War II the search has persisted. The results so far have been no victories, millions of casualties, a huge financial burden and a steady erosion of our liberties here at home.

For the past 24 years, the search for the good war has accelerated and has concentrated on the Middle East region. The Bushes and the Clintons failed. President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, was optimistic: end the bad war in Iraq and pursue the good war against Afghanistan. McCain and Graham kept their hopes high, but over and over again the US failed to act like true aggressors and send in enough troops and drop enough bombs to bring about a truly good war.
But the warmongers’ hopes spring eternal. It looks like the all-out good war is about to begin. After bombing seven Muslim countries, Obama has managed to set the stage for the good war. A few ever-present jihadists have seen their ranks swell to over 25,000. Their ruthlessness is astounding and fear grows that ISIS will soon take over the entire world.

Written by Ron Paul
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