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So, here we are roughly 500 days after the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, was caught red-handed, using fear and intimidation to target and wage war on conservative groups like tea-party patriots, pro-Israel advocates and Christian organizations. And still we the people haven’t seen a single email implicating any IRS officials.

And what do we get after the IRS’ reign of mafia tactics against conservatives? More of the same! Or do we really believe the IRS is now miraculously neutral and unbiased as it again “coincidentally” indicts another round of federal government and Obamacare critics? Patriots like Dr. Ben Carson, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza,cancer patient Bill Elliott,  insurance broker C. Steven Tucker and CEO of Breitbart News Network Larry Solov were slapped with audits and federal government witch hunts after they spoke out against government ineptness and corruption.

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