First lady Michelle Obama (Reuters / Kevin Lamarque)

Michelle Obama called on fellow Democrats to support a Senate candidate in November they had never heard of, eventually having to be corrected by members of the audience.

The First Lady, while not an elected official, is expected to speak at innumerable public events, according to modern American political tradition. She was a guest speaker at a rally at Drake University in Iowa to lend support to US Senate candidate Bob Braley, repeatedly called him“Bailey” before participants shouted out the correct pronunciation. 

“Braley. What did I say?” she asked, taking the mistake in good stride. “I’m losing it. I’m getting old. I’ve been traveling too much.” 

“I know where I am. I know what I’m doing,” she told the crowd. 

She also mistakenly called Braley, who is competing against Republican Joni Ernst, a“Marine Corps veteran,” when in fact he is the son of a Marine veteran, according to his website. 

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