Every year about this time, we begin to hear warnings about the “flu”.  The warnings flow from the colder weather, but sometimes we also hear warnings about the “bird flu”–a particular variety of “avian influenza” that’s slowly spreading

Coming soon! To an airport near you! [courtesy Google Images]
Coming soon! To an airport near you!
[courtesy Google Images]
across Asia and will spread around the world based largely on the fact that birds can fly.

In theory, the bird flu is most contagious on a global basis whenever some species of birds migrate from one nation or even continent to another in the Fall and back again in the Spring.

Once the migrating birds reach their Winter home or their Summer home, they stay more-or-less in that place.  Other “local” birds may pick up whatever disease the migrating birds are carrying.  Those diseases can ultimately reach the local people.

The “bird flu” is scary because it can be communicated intercontinentally by birds.

The “747 flu,” however is far more dangerous.  By “747 flu” I mean any of those contagious diseases (like Ebola, but not limited to Ebola) that can be transmitted by aircraft across oceans and continents in a matter of hours.

Witness Thomas Duncan–the Liberian who contracted Ebola–and who, by flying in a commercial jet, moved Ebola from Africa to North America, in a matter of hours.

Ebola has not yet been shown to be highly contagious in the US.  One man brought the disease to the US.  He allegedly had contact with roughly 100 other people who are being closely monitored.  But, so far, there is only one report, so far, of Ebola having possibly spread from Duncan to someone else in the US.

I.e, there’s a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who had no direct contact with Duncan, but who did enter the apartment where Duncan had been staying–without any protective gear.

How many police and paramedics are now afraid to enter a home, apartment or pubic facility to arrest or detain someone who is suspected of having Ebola?  Do you think there could be any effective martial law in a nation beset by a truly virulent strain of Ebola–or any other highly contagious and lethal disease?

Nevertheless, even though there’s only one report, so far, of Ebola contagion, the fact remains that, thanks to a 747, Ebola traveled nearly 6,000 miles in half a day.

If Ebola were as contagious as first feared, we could already have seen outbreaks of that disease in major cities around the world based on air transportation.  We haven’t yet seen those outbreaks.

Thus, so far, Ebola does not appear to be as contagious in the US as it first seemed to be in West Africa.

But, you can bet that, sooner or later, a truly contagious disease is going to “hop a jet” and travel from Africa, or South America, or even Chicago–and quickly spread around the world.  Logic tells us that there will be a global pandemic at some point in the future that will propagate around the world at half the speed of sound thanks to 747 and other commercial airliners.

The threat of such pandemics is not theoretical.  According to Flu.gov,

“Illness from the 1918 flu pandemic, also known as the ‘Spanish flu,’ came on quickly. Some people felt fine in the morning but died by nightfall. People who caught the Spanish Flu but did not die from it often died later from complications caused by bacteria, such as pneumonia.

“Approximately 20% to 40% of the worldwide population became ill.

“An estimated 50 million people died.

“Nearly 675,000 people died in the United States.

“Unlike earlier pandemics and seasonal flu outbreaks, the 1918 pandemic flu saw high mortality rates among healthy adults. In fact, the illness and mortality rates were highest among adults 20 to 50 years old. The reasons for this remain unknown.”

Written by: ALFRED ADASK – continue reading at ADASK’S LAW


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