Reinforcing the stereotypical perception that blondes are not very bright, Actress Gwyneth tripped all over herself in sycophantic stupefaction as she introduced the man who is destroying America in a fundraiser she held in her California home on Thursday.

On hand to witness her semi-public display of groveling subservience were her children as well as many of her fellow fascists in the movie industry. Obama can’t find the time to visit the crumbling remnants of the nearby Mexican border or the Tijuana prison where Sgt Tahmooressi is being held, but Paltrow is waving cash under his nose, so it’s a date.

Ticket prices started at $1,000 to attend the reception and $15,000 to eat with his majesty. Before the dinner Paltrow gushed, “I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest.” Those are words she has likely never heard any movie-goers direct towards her.

Written by Rick Wells
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