My husband had, countless times in his sermons, challenged me with the question,What will you do in the mundane days of faithfulness? My life often felt ordinary and mundane, but this quote reminded me, encouraged me that my days certainly did matter. The living I did behind closed doors made a difference in the life of my family. The love I was investing in the quiet mom moments mattered.

Then one day in a small room without windows, three words changed my world:You have cancer. And in that terrible awful, I saw all those little moments become my giant moments, and the time spent next to my little ones as the biggest and best moments of my life. They were not simply minutes to get through, but they were the grace that Jesus had delivered to me. My life suddenly felt far from mundane. And I wondered how I would live seeking grace and loving my family as I entered treatment and met the bottom of myself. Could I expect God in His grace to carry me through, and could I still live in faith and kindness behind closed doors?

Through my season of battling cancer, I’ve learned that the hard in life is not the absence of God’s goodness — it is often what Jesus uses to draw me to himself. I’m learning to lean on God and His faithfulness.

Written by Kara Tippetts
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One thought on “Mothering When Life Gets Hard”
  1. This is a Powerful Testimony and you will be in my daily prayer walk as you battle this disease. God is faithful and I have faith that He is not done with you yet and you will be a positive influence to those who read your posts. As a nutritional counselor if there is any way I can be of help please don’t hesitate to ask. Blessings,

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