A person who landed at LAX after traveling to Liberia has been rushed to Centinela Hospital Medical Center to be tested for Ebola, according to a statement from the hospital obtained by TheWrap.

The patient was brought to the Centinela Hospital Medical Center Emergency Department on Tuesday night by ambulance from Los Angeles International Airport.

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“Ambulance personnel alerted the hospital prior to arrival so upon entry to the hospital campus, all CDC precautions were fully implemented,” said the hospital in a statement. “The hospital has been preparing for the possibility of this situation for weeks and staff has been trained per CDC protocols.”

The patient does not have any symptoms of Ebola, but precautions were taken due to travel history and the patient has not yet tested positive or negative for the virus. The patient will remain isolated in the hospital’s ER for evaluation and testing will be conducted in consultation with the CDC, according to the hospital.

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