Thousands of youth nationwide will gather today at their local athletic field to challenge each other to read and live out the Scriptures in their everyday lives in an annual event known as “Fields of Faith.”

The event, organized by Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), is held every second Wednesday in October. Its mission is to see students across America challenge each other to read the Bible. The hour-long gathering, held on school athletic fields and in gymnasiums nationwide, is filled with Scripture reading and personal testimonies.

“The reality is we are losing the spiritual war in America,” the Fields of Faith website states. “There is a movement in our country to remove God from the public square. It is rapidly taking ground and grows more emboldened every day.”

FCA states that part of the problem today is that youth are not reading their Bibles.

“Christian teens are being assaulted by a highly organized pagan culture. Christian teens are not reading the Scriptures; they have no way of fighting back,” it explains. “They are depending on their churches to make them feel good about their faith. Meanwhile, our culture is descending into the same abyss that Josiah had to face.”

Written by Heather Clark
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