September 11th 2001 was a day like no other in the history of this universe. This was a day when the laws that define the very physical makeup and reactions of everything that exists shifted into a reality never experienced. This dimensional shift was confined to the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center complex, a field in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, leaving the rest of the planet unaffected. Anyone with half a brain, and knowing the hard core information that is available today, would have to consider this the only explanation viable for the events that occurred on this day of infamy, if we are to believe the information put forth via NIST, the 9/11 Commission Report, and released by this government. This is just a bold, hard fact!

Never in the history of this country, or the history of this planet for that matter, have so many blatant lies been intentionally and maliciously sold to the public. These are inconsistencies (lies) proven so by scientific fact over and over again. In order to facilitate these lies we have all been spoon fed by NIST, the laws that constitute science, the very laws of physics itself as we know it, would have to be rewritten and proven, based on concepts that are totally foreign to that very science. Yet they stand today by virtue of a government ripe with complicity and guilt. This is not a statement based on conspiracy or even anger, but based on true scientific fact as researched and presented by many of this planet’s best and most respected scientists, architects and structural engineers.

I never thought I would make a comment such as this, but it appears we live in a country populated mostly by individuals with a lack of testicular fortitude. A poll conducted not too long ago states that the number of people living in this country today who believe the NIST findings or the 9/11 Commission Report and our government’s stance on this event … are now a minority that is shrinking yearly. So if this is the new truth … a fact, where is the blow-back in mass? Why hasn’t this government been forced by an angry and focused public into conducting a second, independent and thorough investigation?

The biggest reason is the sheer number of people who just don’t wish to believe they live in a country where a government could be this evil, this complicit, this culpable (Things like this can’t happen in America!). If proven to be true, it would totally shatter their reality and pop the comfort bubble so many try to maintain in this disintegrating and chaotic world today. They struggle against the reality that there are those whom we trust to govern and protect us, who consider life so cheap or disposable that the loss of almost three thousand lives is merely the cost of doing business, accomplishing a goal.

The USS Maine, The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, The Golf of Tonkin, and how many more? The precedents have been established and in each case we see the shepherd (Elite) maneuvering the flock (We The Sheeple) via the mechanisms of patriotism, anger and fear, in a direction to suit their goals of power and enrichment, and always to the detriment of American freedoms and lives. This is not new or even original, and it is blatantly obvious to what is now a majority of Americans and global citizens, and again all to facilitate a goal of the self proclaimed Elite … Those who would play God …

Commentary by: ROGER LANDRY (TLB)  – continue reading at THE LIBERTY BEACON


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