Hussein Obama has come up with what he thinks is a solution to the Ebola crisis. Once again he finds it much easier to endanger Americans rather than to risk damaging his own image. He’s an international superstar and that status can’t be compromised, particularly among African nations.

He could easily prohibit travel from the Western African nations which are experiencing the deadly Ebola epidemic, but he chose a much less effective, more cumbersome, more deadly and much more expensive way to address the problem.

He’s establishing a bureaucracy and a nationwide grid for screening those that he has chosen to continue to allow to travel and will simply roll the dice, once for each incoming passenger, and hope his luck holds out. He’s hoping that any Liberians who lied about their medical condition when they got on the plan either develop symptoms in flight, endangering their fellow passengers, or develop a conscience en route and fess up when they get here.

The boots on the ground for this latest scheme will be the same ones that he chose to expose to scabies, Tuberculosis and head lice. The whipping boys of DHS, the Border Patrol agents, will once again be doing Obama’s dirty work. This time it could get them or a family member killed.

Written by Rick Wells
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