A child from Liberia, who potentially has Ebola, is being treated at a Delaware Hospital as reported by NBC Philadelphia

Apparently the unidentified child was brought to the Bayhealth Kent General Hospital emergency department on Saturday October 4, 2014 and is suspected of carrying Ebola.

After an assessment from the doctors at the hospital based the CDC’S recommendations, the child will be under further observation until further notice.

Delaware residents should be asking some serious questions tonight. Why are we only hearing about this child and no parents or guardians?

Is this an example of open borders in America and we’re limited on information we get from the hospitals and government officials?

We all should be asking some serious questions reguarding this situation in Delaware and reguarding Ebola.

What is the U.S. government trying to hide from the American people?

Why are the hospitals and doctors remaining Silent?

Let us pray that this isn’t another serious Ebola situation here in America.

Written by Daniel Crane

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