Miriam, Valarie and Amy Carey

WASHINGTON – Silence isn’t always golden.

The family of the late Miriam Carey has now had to endure a year of silence from officials who have not said why she was shot dead by Secret Service agents and Capitol Police on Oct. 3, 2013.

A full year without a clear explanation of what happened and why.

A full year without receiving an apology or even condolences.

And a full year of near-silence from an uninquisitive Congress and mainstream media.

The Carey family, friends and supporters deployed a powerful tool to protest all that silence, staging a poignant demonstration on steps below the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on Friday: their own silence.

They marked the year that had passed since Miriam’s death by remaining completely quiet while solemnly holding signs with Miriam’s picture, along with the inscription: #Justice4MiriamCarey.

About 30 strong, ranging in ages from toddler to grandparents, the protesters spoke volumes without saying a word, standing in utter silence for about a half hour.

The Capitol Police had sent a pair of officers to ensure the demonstration was orderly. They needn’t have bothered. What they found was what most observers would likely regard a model of dignity and decorum.

In fact, that quiet dignity was so powerful, it inspired murmured expressions of awe from some of the crowd who assembled.

At the conclusion of the silent protest on the steps beneath the Capitol, one-by-one, family members released butterflies in memory of Miriam.

As she set her butterfly free, Carey’s mother Idella said, “That’s for you, Miriam.”

He sister Amy softly uttered, “We love you, Miriam.”

Sister Valarie was silent.

WND has spoken to Carey family attorney Eric Sanders at great length over the last year about what he thinks happened to Miriam and why. He had more to say on this day, but it was also an occasion to hear from Miriam’s mother Idella and sisters Valarie and Amy, who bused-in from New York City with friends and family.

Written by GARTH KANT
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