‘No feasible way to provide for the safety of Israeli doctors and medical crews’


The U.S. may be willing to send its finest, the soldiers in its military, to Liberia to fight Ebola, but not Israel.

According to a report on Twitchy, America’s best ally in the Middle East for generations has refused to go along with a request from Samantha Power, America’s U.N. ambassador.

The reports have pointedly noted that the U.S. cut off flights to Israel over the recent military activity on the part of Hamas, but has continued to provide flight connections to the Ebola-stricken West Africa.

“There’s a little buzz today on this story reporting that Israel has turned down a request from Samantha Power and the United States to provide medical assistance and personnel to Ebola-stricken countries in Africa,” the report said.

“Does Samantha Power not see the double standard here? To summarize: the United States canceled flights to Israel earlier this summer because of one errant rocket from Gaza that hit near Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, but now wants Israel to send help to hot-zones in Africa?

“Israel was somehow unsafe for air travel, but there are no worries flying Israelis to Liberia or Sierra Leone?”

Israel News Now had the post, “Israel rejects U.S. request on Ebola relief in Africa.” Because?

Well, “Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon says assisting in medical relief in Liberia and Sierra Leone would risk infecting Israeli personnel.”

One blogger put it a little more bluntly. Following a reference to Ya’alon were the words “The hell I’ll expose my troops to Ebola.”

But it did have an explanation: “The Foreign Ministry recommended the Defense Ministry respond positively to the Americans’ request, even though it was a complex mission, which runs the risk of infection for medical crews, who would have been forced to wear full [hazmat] suits. … However, after examining the request and mission details, the Defense Ministry decided against Israel’s participation, saying there was no feasible way to provide for the safety of the Israeli doctors and medical crews, which then could return to Israel and further spread the virus.”

At Ynet News, it was reported that the U.S. and U.N. wanted Israeli help because of the “past success of the IDF’s field hospital in natural and humanitarian disasters – like in earthquake-hit Haiti or tsunami stricken Japan.”

Twitchy noted, “We can’t speak for Team Obama and know if they understand the optics of their request, but Twitter noticed and is asking why flights to Israel are different than flights to nations with Ebola outbreaks.”

On that topic, Chelle Belle said, “Obama bans travel to & from Israel but not Ebola nations, because liquid organs & bleeding from your eyes is less bad than hurt feelings.”

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