(NaturalNews) The more closely our team investigates the facts about Ebola here at Natural News, the more I’m convinced the United States government is intentionally trying to increase the spread of the outbreak rather than contain it. I realize this assertion may sound outlandish, but review the evidence below and decide for yourself. This story is extensively sourced with verifiable links.

As microbiologist Dr. Gil Mobley recently said in protest of all the lies and disinformation, “CDC is lying! … [and] If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent.” [1]

Here are the top ten pieces of evidence that point to the U.S. government seemingly wanting to see Ebola spread even more. Because, just as Dr. Mobley says, if all this isn’t intentional, then it’s a showcase of extreme incompetence on the part of government:

#1) Obama refuses to halt air travelers from infected countries from entering the United States

Ebola “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan flew right into the United States and walked through the international airports of both Washington D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth. He was never asked about his country of origin and was never screened for any health conditions.

Why are people whose flights originate in Liberia and Sierra Leone still allowed to openly travel to large U.S. cities? Shouldn’t we use the immigration and customs infrastructure already in place at international airports to reject travelers from countries where Ebola is spreading out of control?

Strangely, the United States has far more stringent requirements for cats and dogs entering the country than it does for humans. Dogs and cats must enter the country with extensive health records, but international air travelers can apparently just fly right in even if they’re infected with Ebola.

#2) Texas family is quarantined in a home that still hasn’t been cleaned or decontaminated

“More than a week after a Liberian man fell ill with Ebola and four days after he was placed in isolation at a hospital in Dallas, the apartment where he was staying with four other people had not been cleaned and the sheets and dirty towels he used while sick remained in the home, health officials acknowledged on Thursday afternoon.” – NY Times [2] and Fox News [11]

Even though the home hasn’t been cleaned or decontaminated, family members of Thomas Eric Duncan have been forced into isolation in this contaminated home and told they must submit to regular blood draws by the state.

Already, these family members escaped their isolation and began to mingle once again with the public, violating their isolation orders. The woman, Louise Troh, told reporters she is tired of being “locked up” with her family members. [3]

“Dallas officials said that relatives of the man infected with Ebola left their apartment after agreeing not to, which prompted officials to issue a confinement order overnight,” reports the LA Times. [4] “They were noncompliant with the request to stay home,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Isn’t it insane to force a family into quarantine in a home that’s clearly contaminated with Ebola? Doesn’t this almost prove that government authorities actually want this family to catch the disease and spread it? After all, how else could this family have been “allowed” to violate their isolation and start interacting with the public again? With hundreds (if not thousands) of CDC and Texas health authorities on location dealing with this Dallas outbreak, how could it be that not a single one of these persons was assigned to watching the Duncan household to make sure nobody left?

Cleaning of contaminated apartment delayed by government demand for a “permit”

What’s even more incredible is that the cleaning crew which was hired to sanitize the home was turned away because they were told they needed a Texas Dept. of Transportation permit to drive on state highways after cleaning the home.

“Brad Smith of the Cleaning Guys, which was hired to sanitize the apartment, said his company does not have the proper permits to transport hazardous waste on Texas highways. The company specializes in hazmat and biohazard cleaning services,” reports a local Fox affiliate. [7] “Smith said authorities sent his crew away late Thursday before they entered the apartment and told them to come back with proper permits. It’s unclear how long that will take. ‘The permit is being processed through DOT (the Department of Transportation) because it is a special permit,’ Smith said.”

In other words, a family is being forced to live in an Ebola-contaminated home while the cleaning of that home is delayed because somebody needs a permit to clean it? How insane does this get, really?

#3) The CDC continues to lie about modes of transmission for the Ebola virus

The CDC continues to ridiculously claim that Ebola only spreads through “direct contact of body fluids.” The agency continued to deny that Ebola can spread through the air for short distances and that Ebola can be acquired by touching contaminated surfaces.

The overall lie from the CDC is that Ebola is “difficult to catch.” But if that’s true, then why did so many doctors who are well trained in the prevention of infectious disease still manage to get infected? How did Dr. Kent Brantly get infected?

Even more, how did the NBC News cameraman now get infected even though he took extreme precautions to avoid touching anyone while also carefully washing his own skin and clothes each day?

“I am taking serious precautions and washing with chlorine regularly,” said Ashoka Mukpo, the 33-year-old cameraman, in a NY Daily News article. [9] Clearly this was not an individual who ran around touching infected Ebola patients. Yet he still got infected. How is this possible unless the CDC is lying?

Dr. Gil Mobley “said the CDC is ‘sugar-coating’ the risk of the virus spreading in the United States,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [1]

Research has clearly shown that Ebola virus can ride on aerosols — airborne particles of water or spit — and infect people at a distance. [5] So why isn’t the CDC telling people the truth that Ebola can spread through the air?

And why aren’t frontline doctors and soldiers being told they need to wear full face respirators?

It’s almost as if the CDC wants this to spread in order to generate exactly the kind of pandemic panic that would generate billions of dollars in lucrative vaccine sales. They did it before, after all, with the swine flu scare. So why not use Ebola to also generate more profits for the vaccine makers?

#4) The FDA is openly threatening sellers of natural remedies that might be useful for slowing or stopping Ebola

Instead of encouraging people to boost their immune systems with nutritional therapies, natural remedies and superfoods, the FDA is actively going out of its way to threaten resellers of colloidal silver and essential oils.

Last week, the FDA threatened three companies with criminal prosecution if they didn’t take steps to dissociate their products from Ebola.

One company, the Natural Solutions Foundation, has since claimed that governments are actively seizing colloidal silver shipments to African nations in order to prevent Ebola victims from ever being treated with it. Are these authorities afraid that it might actually work?

Shouldn’t we be trying and testing every herb and natural remedy on the planet to find out how to stop Ebola? Or are we all supposed to wait around for the drug companies to manufacture an experimental vaccine and then put all our trust in that?

Doesn’t anybody realize the company testing the vaccine right now — GlaxoSmithKline — has a long criminal history of admitted felony crimes including the bribery of tens of thousands of doctors?

#5) People entering U.S. customs are not asked where they’ve been

“Yesterday, I came through international customs at the Atlanta airport,” said Dr. Gil Mobley when he recently entered the United States. “The only question they asked arriving passengers is if they had tobacco or alcohol.” – reported in the AJC. [1]

Apparently, U.S. customs is far more interested in determining whether you owe any import tax than whether you might be carrying a deadly pandemic virus. Is nobody in the U.S. government aware that an international pandemic is under way? How is it even possible that people are not being asked about their country of origin?

Written by Mike Adams
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