If Christians don’t wake up, it will be devastating to everything sacred. (Scott Liddell/

The recent beheadings in the Middle East and now one in our homeland reveal far more than the horrific deeds of a terrorist group. It actually reveals the evil intent of Satan himself. It is very important that we recognize evil and stand firmly against it. More important, however, we must understand the source. We are witnessing the expressed desire of the enemy of life and freedom.

Jesus said of those who scourged Him, spit in His face, plucked His beard, placed a crown of thorns on His head, and drove spikes through His hands and feet and ultimately thrust a spear into His side: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke [23:34]). Sounds like the kind of a statement that would come from a person who has lost coherent thought, but it was not. Jesus knew that these evildoers were under the control of a power totally committed to destroying all that is precious and meaningful.

The enemy clearly understands that “a house divided cannot stand.” That is why through his craftiness, he seeks to divide people in the most intimate relationships: marriage, families, national leadership, and above all, the church of the living God.

Satan’s strategy is to separate the body of believers (the church) from the Head (Christ Himself). When those who have experienced the redemptive power of the cross allow the enemy to divide them into turf-protecting, sectarian groups, he has accomplished much in weakening the power and effect of the Christian witness. When he can divide a nation, he is on his way to bringing it down and destroying the freedom that a principled, sound, under-control government can provide. It is sad to note today that our nation has been weakened because the church itself has too often been severed from the Head—in a sense, “beheaded.”

Unfortunately, many American Christians are mindless and heartless when it comes to impacting national direction. Church leaders, pastors and priests have not led their members to be salt and light. Professing Christians have handed our future over to evildoers; they have forfeited the battle without even fighting. As a result, we have national leadership who prove time and again they cannot be trusted. The present administration’s actions undermine every promise and commitment. They have proven to be incompetent to lead in times of crises.

What happened in Moore, Oklahoma, was the intent of Satan, who hates the living God of the Old and New Testaments. Radical Muslims committed to jihad and a caliphate want all “infidels” murdered. Beheading believers—those who trust Christ as Lord of all—is not only the goal of these radicals, but also of Satan. Paul declared to New Testament believers concerning Satan: “We are not unaware of his schemes” (2 Cor. [2:11]).

Many professing Christians today seem totally unaware of his craftiness. Have you noticed? It seems most Christians here in America have been “beheaded” in the spiritual realm by the deception of the power of darkness. Most don’t think. They appear not only indifferent to Christ’s commission but mindless concerning their own personal responsibility to be effective witnesses for Christ. They do not stand for biblical principles. They disregard the Bible, as well as the Constitution that was given by those who understood the enemy’s intent.

Written by James Robison
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