Sierra Leone’s largest newspaper, theAwareness Timesis reporting with alarmthat at least 1,028 Ebola patients appear to be missing in the country, as official Ministry of Health statistics account for a smaller number of combined victims and survivors of the disease than the total number of registered cases.

The Awareness Times report notes that the Ministry of Health has confirmed 2,000 cases of Ebola in the country. Its official statistics note that 540 have died, while 432 are classified as survivors. That leaves 1,042 unaccounted for cases.

The report follows up on New York Timespiece in which a Western diplomat is quoted as saying that official statistics in Sierra Leone are highly untrustworthy. According to the Times, those numbers are believed to be “largely inaccurate,” rendering them borderline useless. Said the diplomat: “Even a 2-year-old child can look at them and see they don’t add up.” TheTimes notes that Sierra Leone has responded to the crisis largely by quarantining large areas– nearly all 14 districts in Sierra Leone are at least partially quarantined, and it is believed that between one and two million people are being kept locked down due to this measure.

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