MEDINA, Ohio – The superintendent of a school district in Ohio has put an end to a prayer chain that had been running between a local principal and teachers at his school, which served as a means to support the sick and abused.

“I’m a man of faith who wants good for all, but I’m also a firm believer in separation of church and state,” Medina Schools Superintendent Dave Knight told The Plain Dealer.

Principal Chad Wise of A.I. Root Middle School had posted a note in the staff newsletter recently that invited those interested to join the prayer chain. According to reports, members of the community were dealing with a number of difficulties, and the prayer chain was initiated to lift up those who were facing illnesses or death in their families, and to pray for children who were in the midst of neglect and abuse cases.

But someone complained to Superintendent Knight about the matter, who in turn contacted Wise and instructed him not to conduct the chain during school hours or with school computers.

Written by Heather Clark
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