Federal authorities swarmed a plane at New York’s JFK Airport before removing and interrogating passengers – all over a bag that featured a travel group logo which vaguely resembled the word ‘ISIS’.

While the Department of Homeland Security remains unconcerned about the possibility of ISIS members crossing the southern border, despite high level law enforcement sources indicating that this is a real threat, feds were out in force to stop the potential danger posed by a motif on a piece of luggage.

“A federal source tells WNBC of New York that a passenger on the plane had a duffel traveling bag that had the word ‘ISIS’ on it, which triggered a security alert,” reports KARE 11. “The source says the plane and luggage were swept, but nothing was found. The New York Port Authority later determined the concerns stemmed from the logo of a travel agency appearing similar to ISIS insignia. The travel agency had given out bags with the logo to a travel group on the plane.”

Police and FBI agents subsequently removed ten passengers from the Sun Country Airlines flight for questioning while all the luggage from the plane was searched on the tarmac as the other passengers were prevented from deplaning.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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