High school football coach suspended for praying with team.Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images
It seems that some Christians can no longer exercise their right to freedom of religion. On Friday, the Arizona Republic reported that Tommy Brittain, the football coach for Tempe Prep, was suspended for two weeks for the allegedly heinous act of praying with his team.

The coach has not responded to emails, the Arizona Republic said, and the school has also been tight-lipped about the move. Richard Obert said the school’s athletic director referred inquiries to Headmaster David Baum, but Baum has also not responded to inquiries. According to the report, Brittain’s wife, Michelle, confirmed the punishment.

“He’s walking on eggshells, and he doesn’t want to make the situation worse,” she said. Her husband was teaching at the school on Friday, Obert said. Moreover, Brittain’s son, Zach, is a senior linebacker on the team, but he won’t be allowed to see his son play.

Brittain, Obert added, is well respected among his players and peers and has built the team into “perennial winner.” He also holds strong Christian beliefs, something the school apparently doesn’t approve of.

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