Last week, in a 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court found that Susan B. Anthony List could challenge an Ohio law criminalizing certain “false” political speech on First Amendment grounds. The case goes back to 2010, when then-congressman Steve Driehaus tried to use the law to stop SBA-List from running billboard ads accusing him of voting for authorizing taxpayer funds for abortion through Obamacare.

The SBA-List argued that it wasn’t fighting “for a right to lie” but “arguing that we have a right not to have the truth of our political statements be judged by the government.” That’s a tremendous point, of course. Though a popular idea among Democratic Senators, allowing the state to determine the veracity of political speech is a chilling intrusion on free expression. But, in this instance, it’s also worthwhile to point out that it was Driehaus who offered false statements.

There was a time, you’ll probably remember, when contending that Obamacare subsidies would cover elective abortions was considered a “myth”– pure fear mongering, cooked up by the fringiest crackpots of the right. Well, as with some other alleged conspiracy theories about the administration, annoying facts keep popping up to bolster them.

Written by David Harsanyi
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