The House on Wednesday approved President Obama’s plan to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to counter the growing threat of the Islamic State terrorist organization even though lawmakers in both parties remain deeply skeptical about its chances for success.

The Senate is expected to give the plan final approval Thursday.

Despite sweeping bipartisan agreement on the vote, dozens of lawmakers have picked away at aspects of the president’s emerging plan in recent days from the floor of the House and Senate and in interviews.

Written By Ed O’Keefe and Paul Kane 
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2 thoughts on “Amid skepticism, House approves Obama’s Iraq-Syria military strategy”
  1. What won’t work is for him to be half in and half out of it. If your gonna go to war then go to war in a full-blown way! Otherwise we look weak, indecisive and inept. I mean, who really wants war? But, they are on our soil, planning and scheming and it’s time, perhaps, for Obama to grow a pair and do what needs to be done. Maybe I’m just cranky and overworked! LOL!

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