Protest at Woodruff High School in Woodruff, S.C.

Meetings are being scheduled between school officials and students in a South Carolina district where the principal confiscated American flags from students’ vehicles on 9/11, according to a new report.

WSPA-TV said Principal Aaron Fulmer of the Spartanburg District 4 had confirmed the meetings, which are to address the controversy that developed last week at Woodruff High School when he took the flags from student vehicles on 9/11.

There were four students who came to school that day with “large American flags mounted on posts in their truck beds,” according to a report.

Fulmer took the flags down, then returned them to the students at the end of the day.

He said the rules forbidding anything that creates a disturbance or draws an “unusual amount of attention” required him to remove the flags.

Supt. Rallie Liston said school officials don’t have the option to “discriminate” on an issue as fundamental as the First Amendment.

According to a report in BizPac Review, some members of the community were outraged.

And WSPA reported about a dozen people were driving by the front of the school – with flags flying from their vehicles – early Monday, while another handful were standing on the sidewalk saving flags.

The parents told the station their plan was to oppose the “zero tolerance policy.”

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The superintendent also said Monday previously was designated “America Day,” even though BizPacReview said, “In an attempt to accommodate the students’ position, Fulmer has announced that homecoming week will kick off with ‘American Monday,’ asking students to dress in red, white and blue and bring American flags.”

Fulmer told the reporter, “I don’t want our kids to think the school does not support our country.”

Just weeks ago, martial arts champion, actor and WND commentator Chuck Norris wrote about the flag, and another controversy in Texas when a landlord ordered a tenant to remove an American flag.

His commentary noted such situations are developing too often.

“Am I missing something? Do you remember the days when Americans not only used to be proud to fly Old Glory but frowned upon neighbors who did not?” Norris wrote. “These flag-flying travesties wouldn’t be so tragic if they weren’t becoming so prevalent and symptomatic of an America gone awry from its original mission and founders’ intent.”

WND has reported on a previous dispute that started when some high school students in California wore flag-themed clothing to school and the 9th U.S. Circuit said that was proper..

Written by BOB UNRUH
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