Ebola numbers projected to reach more than 20,000 by end of year 2014Photo by John Moore/Getty Images
Ebola numbers projected to reach more than 20,000 by end of year 2014Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Today a fourth American to catch Ebola was transported to the US and is being treated at the same Atlanta hospital where two other healthcare workers have recovered from the Ebola virus. In a press release from the Emory News Center, they admitted the patient around 10:25 a.m., and they “will be treated in the same isolation unit in which two patients were recently treated and discharged.” Unlike West Africa’s makeshift treatment centers, the Emory University Hospital said it has built a medical team and an isolation unit following the CDC’s protocol for treating patients who test positive for “serious infectious diseases.”

Although this is Emory’s third Ebola patient, the person is the fourth American to be flown to the United States for treatment, the third health care worker, Dr. Rick Sacra, who fell ill to the disease is currently being treated in Nebraska.

World Health Organization leader, Dr. Keiji Fukuda, explains that if the world does not come together to be “more adequately prepared,” and to get in front of this growing Ebola epidemic, he believes it’s just a matter of time before the numbers “become more difficult to control.” Currently the WHO predicts that as many as 20,000 people will become infected with Ebola before Dec. 2014. Experts say it’s not just increasing budgets, but more about providing quality care on the ground right now — with mass efforts. For instance, entire neighborhoods are currently placed under police quarantine in some areas in West Africa, and some citizens protest against police and health care workers, because they believe Ebola is not real; making control efforts more difficult. It’s been reported that one neighborhood in Liberia where the virus continues to spread, that extreme quarantine efforts include people being locked behind large iron gates. Dr. Besser, from ABC News, said, “they have been in the compound for eight days.”

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