Offensive players in the NFL are reportedly offering to pay the fines of defenders who hit them high to discourage defenders from hitting them low in order to avoid hefty fines and suspensions that could come after helmet-to-helmet hits. 

As ESPN noted, “with the NFL’s aggressive crackdown against hits to the head and neck — a response to the ongoing concussion crisis — some players expressed concerns that defensive players would simply start to go low to avoid drawing penalties, fines and suspensions.”

Washington’s Brandon Meriweather and Ryan Clark “both said offensive players have offered to pay their fines if they hit them high rather than low.” When ESPN “asked how often that has happened, Meriweather said: ‘All the time. All the time.'” Tennessee’s Michael Griffin told ESPN, “I’ve had a lot of guys say, ‘Just hit me high, just knock me out. I don’t care, as long as I’d be able to play next week, I’m perfectly fine, but don’t go low.'”

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