It seems like President Obama has to deal with one problem after the other. From ISIS, to a border crisis, to vanished IRS emails… the list goes on and on. As Americans wait for something to be done and people to be held accountable, another story steals the spot light and major problems become distant memories. 

Among the many problems plaguing the Obama administration, there is one in particular that I hope the American people and President Obama will especially seek justice for. The VA Scandal that broke headlines in June has left thousands of American veterans without the health care they deserve, even letting some die in the process. And now, another vet has become a victim to the broken system. 

Edward Laird is a 76 year-old Navy veteran and had to wait two and a half years to get a biopsy for a spot on his nose. Once he finally saw a doctor, the cancer had already spread and had to be removed. 

Written by Ky Sisson
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4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget About the VA Scandal: Vet Loses His Nose”
  1. This is a real sore spot with me. I’ve written a few articles on it myself and I’m horrified at the treatment. Thank you for posting this, least it be forgotten…:)

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