“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

– Proverbs [29:18]

I can’t blame Barack Obama for the sad state of America.

Yes, he lied about what Obamacare was all about.

Yes, he deceived about who he was and being constitutionally eligible for the office.

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4 thoughts on “Obama and Joel Osteen”
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    As I have been saying all along, this “me-centered” thinking is sending people straight from the fire pan into the fire. The Osteen’s need to repent of their self-centered message, along with all those that follow them, and get back to the truth of Gods Word that states that all who follow Christ must die to self. We are all as filthy rags. When we come together to worship, we come to worship God and all that He has done for us. We give Him all the honor and glory. We don’t come together to do good for our own selves. This type of teaching will send millions straight to hell. Satan has gotten a hold of many churches that conform to this teaching. True believers need to take a stand against false religions such as the Osteen’s are teaching. Not saying that the Osteen’s are not saved but they have gotten away from the truth of Gods Word. They are letting the fame and fortune of this world pervert their way of thinking to the point that their message is more focused on themselves and their self happiness than the truth of Gods Word. God is more concerned about people putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and taking up the cross to follow Him more than a message that is concentrated on self and worldly happiness. A message that is truly based on the gospel of Christ will be a message that can be applied to the whole world. Most self-centered messages as such as the Osteen’s preach and most prosperity messages cannot be applied to most countries around the world. There are millions of people around the world and even here in America that live in poverty that cannot live by the standards that most self-centered and prosperity messages teach. These type of messages are idolatry in their teachings and application. They were not the teachings of Christ (read the words of Christ and find out) and they should not be teachings of today’s churches. God is more concerned about people putting their focus on the foundations of Heaven than the foundations of this world.

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