It’s everywhere you turn, yet so easily keeps itself hidden.

It’s pervasive in advertising and steers the course of political debates. It lives in all our hearts, but seems so petty that we’re unwilling to admit its presence.

But in God’s economy, envy is sinful and dangerous. It makes frequent cameos in the New Testament lists of nastiness (Mark [7:22]Romans [1:29]1 Timothy 6:4;Titus 3:3). We hear that “love does not envy” (1 Corinthians 13:4), that sadly some “preach Christ from envy” (Philippians [1:15]), and, worst of all, that “it was out of envy” that they delivered up Jesus to be crucified (Matthew [27:18];Mark [15:10]). And so we’re directed to fight it (Galatians [5:26]1 Peter 2:1).

Written by David Mathis
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