President Obama’s reported end-run around Congress to seek an international agreement to cut carbon emissions could be the opening shot in a larger executive-action scheme that could see billions spent on the so-called clean energy sector.

The New York Times reported Obama is seeking to sign the sweeping international agreement in Paris in 2015. The treaty would require nations to cut their emissions or face political and other consequences.

Obama is attempting to sidestep the constitutional requirement for a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate before signing any binding treaty.

To do so, he is devising what the New York Times ambiguously described as a “politically binding” deal that would “name and shame” countries into cutting their emissions, instead of a legally binding deal.

The treaty may not be the only coming attempt to bypass Congress on so-called climate change.

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Last year, the White House named Center for American Progress Founder John Podesta to the position of “counselor” to focus largely on climate issues.

Podesta’s work and some recent White House moves may be telling.

In January, the White House announced a presidential memorandum establishing a Quadrennial Energy Review.

The announcement said the new review will focus on how to implement new energy policy for the nation’s “infrastructure for transporting, transmitting, and delivering energy.”

It will offer recommendations that could result in “additional executive or legislative actions to address the energy challenges and opportunities facing the Nation,” the White House said.

The review will collect input from “nongovernmental, environmental, faith-based, labor, and other social organizations; and contributions from the academic and non-profit sectors” in addition to governmental recommendations.

While Obama’s Quadrennial Energy Review was widely covered by news media, largely unmentioned is that the review apparently is executive implementation of legislation that twice failed to pass.

The presidential memo is largely a rehash of the Quadrennial Energy Review Act of 2013 introduced by Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and left in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

The website gave the bill a 29 percent chance of getting past committee and 4 percent chance of being enacted.

The Quadrennial Energy Review was one of the recommendations made last March by Obama’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology.

The new review was announced days after Podesta assumed his new role as White House counselor. Podesta’s emphasis reportedly includes environmental issues.

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Podesta has been spearheading a push for massive new federal funds to finance local “clean energy” projects nationwide, as WND previously reported.

A review of recent Center for American Progress, or CAP, research papers finds specific plans for the Commerce Department to finance so-called clean energy projects throughout the nation.

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