Proposed “gun offender registry” modeled after current sex offender registries open to public


Image Credits: Costa4NY / Flickr (picture of Constantinides), U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (Constitution Added in Background)

Several members of New York’s City Council want to create a public “gun offender” registry modeled after current sex offender registries, which would ultimately list names, addresses and photos of New Yorkers who violate gun control laws.

In a recent press release, council member Costa Constantinides, who is sponsoring the proposal, says the registry will be updated on a monthly basis and will include “the offender’s name, block on which they live, a physical description, the crime the offender was convicted of, and sentence imposed.”

“This online gun offender registry bill will promote public safety and guarantee our communities are notified when a registered gun offender lives within their neighborhood,” he claimed.

Constantinides and his fellow council members also claimed the “gun offender registry” would help combat “gun violence,” a common claim used by anti-gun politicians who want to completely eradicate the Second Amendment.

And make no mistake, thousands of non-violent New York citizens who violate unconstitutional gun control laws will end up in the database.

Written by KIT DANIELS
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