“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him” (Prov. [18:17], ESV).

The Bible warns us to be sure we hear from both sides and collect full information before we make up our minds. This ancient wisdom of Solomon has been validated again in Ferguson, Missouri.  

The early narrative, spun by racial-grievance mongers, was that Michael Brown, a harmless teddy bear of a boy, was shot by a racist officer because he was black, that he was shot for jaywalking, and that he was shot in the back execution style.  

Riots, mayhem, violence and looting ensued, so unremitting that Gov. Jay Nixon has finally been reduced to calling in the National Guard (after complaining all week about the “militarizing of the police.” (Missouri Democrats, by the way, including Nixon and Rep. Clay did not call Attorney General Eric Holder in to “investigate;” they called him in to “prosecute.”)

But cracks are starting to appear in the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/New Black Panther narrative. A caller to a local talk-radio program in St. Louis, who claimed to be a friend of Officer Darren Wilson’s significant other, gave what she said was the officer’s version of events.

The account goes as follows: Wilson stopped Brown and his friend because they were walking in the street. The officer told them to get on the sidewalk. They responded belligerently. The officer tried to exit the vehicle, at which point Brown slammed the door shut to prevent him. Sometime during the stop, Wilson learned via police radio that someone matching Brown’s description was a suspect in an armed robbery at a nearby convenience store, a burglary that had happened just minutes before. He observed what looked like the contraband in Wilson’s hand.

Now dealing with a criminal suspect, Wilson ordered Brown to stop so he could be detained, at which point apparently Brown stuck the upper half of his body into Wilson’s squad car and lunged for the officer’s gun. In the tussle over the weapon, it was discharged one time inside the vehicle. Following the shot and his apparent inability to wrest control of the gun from Wilson, Brown took off. Wilson, as police protocol dictates, pursued him.

Written by Bryan Fischer
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