In my opinion (Country Christian), Mike Adam has always been spot on with his insight into the conditions that our Republic, and the world, is experiencing and where that road leads. His article Do you believe us now? Police state militarization of USA was foretold by alternative media summons it all up beautifully. Ferguson is yet another example, in a series of incidents over the recent years which are increasing in frequency and intensity, of militarized law enforcement gone insane! You should keep in mind, that this looks very much like a Beta Test of what is planned for our future!

See a preview of Mike Adam’s article below:

(NaturalNews) For the past decade, alternative news websites like Natural News, Info Wars, SHTFplan.com and many others have repeatedly warned about the alarming militarization of domestic police forces across the United States. The response from the mostly liberal mainstream media was raucous laughter and denial. “Government is good!” we were told. “We need strong police forces to fight the…” (fill in the blank with your favorite fictional enemy such as “domestic terrorists” or “the war on drugs” or “protesters.”)

But today, the exact scenario the alternative media has been warning you about for ten years is here. The Ferguson (St. Louis) riots have erased all denials and delusions. Police are now soldiers of war rigged up with bomb-proof armored vehicles made for military assaults, automatic weapons, desert camouflage uniforms, Darth Vader-like masks, grenades, laser sniper sights and more.

“The intensive militarization of America’s police forces is a serious menace about which a small number of people have been loudly warning for years, with little attention or traction,” said Glenn Greenwald, the journalist best known for breaking the news of Edward Snowden and the NSA. (6) He goes on to say:

Written by: Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) … see his full and complete article at NATURAL NEWS


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