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The Vulgar Vagina March In DC By 'Nasty Women' – American Women Push Back Against Man Hating Holly-Whores: 'They Do Not Speak For Me'

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Feminism used to be demand for equality, but today, as shown so clearly in the embarrassingly display in DC yesterday, it has become a demand for superiority by women who are admittedly, in fact proud, of being “nasty.”That is the one statement out of the list of confused “causes” the nasties spewed throughout the day, […]


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Leftist protesters take to the streets for a “women’s march,” a day after several hundred were arrested for destroying businesses and attacking Trump supporters. Alex Jones has the breakdown.   Also watch: Brainwashed Cult Caught Marching Through The Streets And, The Pink Hat Zombie Apocalypse Caught On Camera See our live broadcasts from the protests: […]

Arrests, Pressure Grenades, Pepper Spray And Rubber Bullets As Police Attempt To Stop Anarchists In The Streets Of DC 

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While continuing to watch one of the live feeds we had up in the all day Inauguration thread, the coverage went to the streets of DC, where a reporter got caught up in the midst of violent protesters facing off with police. Law enforcement has arrested about 25 people in this one area already for […]

President Obama Next Week Will Open The Largest American Mosque In The World Built Here In The U.S.


America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland, will soon be open for Muslim worshipers in the Washington, DC area.


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But fares far better than Miriam Carey after he runs 7 red lights, almost hits cops Just 20 minutes into President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, Capitol Police chased a wild driver who ran seven red lights, raced through the streets at more than 60 miles per hour and almost struck police officers […]

Sheriff Joe scores victory against Obama’s amnesty


Legal challenge now on fast track A judge has sided with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the first clash in what is expected to be a major court fight over the legality of President Obama’s executive immigration actions, ordering a fast track for case arguments and hearings. Two Justice Department lawyers representing Obama in […]

Holder AWOL for black mom killed by cops

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WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder is in Ferguson, Missouri, ostensibly to investigate the shooting of an unarmed African-American by a white police officer. What he is not investigating is the shooting of an unarmed African-American woman by his own federal officers, in his own jurisdiction, the District of Columbia. And that has the family […]

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