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Nurse was defending unconscious truck driver who had been injured in hit-and-run accident. A Salt Lake City nurse has released police body camera and hospital surveillance footage which she claims shows her being illegally arrested back in late July after refusing police orders to draw blood from an unconscious patient. Utah University Hospital nurse Alex […]

Prosecutor Says Militias Are Illegal

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The Constitution is being discriminated against in U.S. courtrooms In an effort to make defendants from the Bunkerville standoff look as dangerous as possible, Judge Navarro is allowing the prosecution to cherry pick and edit social media posts made years after the event — e.g. redacting any discussion of the importance of vetting dangerous lunatics […]

Ohio Parents Disagree with School Over ADHD Diagnosis: Lose 7 Year Old Son to CPS


His parents say that he is just a normal, imaginative little boy; his school says that he needs mental health help. After Christian Maple was called to pick up his 7 year old son Camden from school following an incident, Christian and his wife Katie had a long talk with their son to find out […]


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US election systems will henceforth be treated as “critical infrastructure,” the Department of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson decreed Friday in a move some are describing as a major federal overreach. In a letter to the Associated Press, Johnson revealed the US government would monitor and intervene in future elections, a process previously handled on a state-by-state […]

2,000 Veterans Just Arrived At Standing Rock To Form “Human Shield” Around Protesters ( Photos & Video)

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USA TODAY reports that nearly 2000 US army vets have started to arrive at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp in North Dakota. They have arrived with the intention to form a “human shield” around the water protectors, given the violent police force that is defending the desecrating construction company. Thousands of protesters have been […]

After releasing toxic pollution into rivers with zero accountability, the EPA convicts 185 other Americans for ‘environmental crimes’

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(NaturalNews) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performed its duties aggressively this year, handing out a number of prison sentences and multi-million dollar fines to polluters. However, the agency failed to apply its enforcement techniques to its own employees and the contractors responsible for a massive toxic spill caused during the botched Gold King Mine cleanup in […]

House Resolution Moves To Implement Sharia Law In America By ‘Condemning’ Free Speech And Conflating It With Violence


House Resolution 569 was brought to our attention by one of our readers yesterday, sponsored so far by 70+ Democrats and titled “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.” While violence should be condemned, the conflation with “bigotry and hateful rhetoric” is a direct violation of free speech rights under the […]

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