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Mom Loses Lawsuit Against School That Secretly Gave Her Son ‘Transgender’ Treatment


A mother’s lawsuit against a Minnesota school system for secretly helping her 15-year-old son “transition” to “female” was dismissed by a federal judge. Anmarie Calgaro of Iron Junction discovered all too late last November that her son’s school was secretly giving him female hormone treatments with funding from the government. She sued the school district, […]

NY Schools Found Dangerously High Levels of Lead in Their Drinking Water

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​ (NaturalNews) As infrastructure in America’s oldest cities approaches the century mark in many cases, it is becoming more apparent than ever that a national revitalization plan is needed to address what are evolving – and worsening – health issues related to decay.One of the biggest health problems related to aging and decaying infrastructure is […]

Los Angeles Schools Closed Over Terror Threat

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© Mario Anzuoni / Reuters The Los Angeles Unified School District closed all schools after a bomb threat was called in to a school board member, the LA Police Department has confirmed. The LAUSD is the nation’s second largest, with 640,000 students in over 1,000 schools. The threat was made to “students at school,” LAUSD Superintendent […]

5+5+5=15 is Wrong, According to Common Core

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Parents outraged after student penalized for correctly answering math questions A Common Core math assignment posted online last week is causing outrage among parents who say their child was penalized for correctly answering a question. Imgur / Cloakenn A photo of the math quiz, uploaded to Imgur, shows how an unknown third-grade student received negative marks […]

Obama Now Officially Forcing Girls to Share Showers With Boys

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Students and parents need to know their rights to privacy in sex-specific showers and changing areas and the rights of the school district to maintain policies keeping opposite sex students, including transgender students, out of those areas. (Flickr/Creative Commons) Attorneys from the Thomas More Society and Alliance Defending Freedom have sent a letter to the […]


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Veterans group fears high schools across the country to follow suit Image Credits: A school in Iowa is banning a time-honored tradition memorializing veterans who served the country with their lives. Administrators at Belle Plaine High School in Belle Plaine say the facility will no longer hold their annual Veteran’s Day assembly on school grounds, […]

Obama’s “Community Schools” Aim to Replace Parents


Lawmakers and the Obama administration are plotting to unconstitutionally commandeer local schools and turn them into “full-service community schools” — government centers that will usurp vast new responsibilities over children that have traditionally been handled by parents and families. Under the plan, adopted in the Senate last month as part of a massive “education bill” […]


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“It’s a secure way to ensure a student’s identity when paying for a school meal…” Want a school lunch? Get your palm scanned. That’s the new policy being implemented at elementary schools in Muscogee County, Georgia for the 2015-16 school year. The district will be using scanning devices that take “a super high-resolution infrared photograph […]

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