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Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

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(Natural News) Thanks to the incessant Left-wing counter-culture social engineering and increasing levels of violence and bullying, more American parents are pulling their kids out of failing government schools and teaching them at home. As reported by The Washington Times, the recent school shooting at Parkland, Fla., was the last straw for scores of parents. […]

If ‘Gun-Free Zone’ signs worked, schools displaying them would have zero shootings

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(NaturalNews) In recent days, a top California elected official doubled down on failed gun control policies in proposing an amendment that would do nothing to inhibit criminal behavior. However, as usual, it would put law-abiding residents and tourists at greater danger. Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a regular in California politics like fellow Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, […]

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