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Homelessness Continues To Set New Records In Major Cities All Over The Nation

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If the economy is doing just fine, then why is homelessness at levels not seen “since the Great Depression” in major cities all over the country?  If the U.S. economy was actually in good shape, we would expect that the number of people that are homeless would be going down or at least stabilizing.  Instead, […]

Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And Store Closings All Across America

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Major retailers in the United States are shutting down hundreds of stores, and shoppers are reporting alarmingly bare shelves in many retail locations that are still open all over the country.  It appears that the retail apocalypse that made so many headlines in 2015 has gone to an entirely new level as we enter 2016.  […]

Gun sales spike on eve of Ferguson grand jury decision

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Religious leaders speak to police officers during a demonstration at the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri, October 13, 2014. (Reuters/Jim Young) Gun stores in and around Ferguson, Missouri are reporting a surge in sales as area residents and the activists who have gathered there from around the country wait to hear if a local […]

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