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Awake, O Sleeper Radio: God Can Redeem Those Who Have Abortions. Join Rachel Live at 4PM PST/7PM EST. 

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We can call abortion murder because we know a God that redeems murderers. These women do not claim to be victims but repentant children of God reconciled by the blood of Christ. Abortion is not the unforgivable sin. Often women who’ve had abortions do not come before the cross with Godly sorrow and a contrite […]

God Writes a Great Story


I recently picked up a book my son was reading and flipped through it, noticing that a number of pages were folded down. Curious, I asked him why he did it. “Because those are all my favorite parts,” he responded. He’s a boy after my own heart because I do the same thing. I dog-ear […]

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