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The Vulgar Vagina March In DC By 'Nasty Women' – American Women Push Back Against Man Hating Holly-Whores: 'They Do Not Speak For Me'

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Feminism used to be demand for equality, but today, as shown so clearly in the embarrassingly display in DC yesterday, it has become a demand for superiority by women who are admittedly, in fact proud, of being “nasty.”That is the one statement out of the list of confused “causes” the nasties spewed throughout the day, […]

Arrests, Pressure Grenades, Pepper Spray And Rubber Bullets As Police Attempt To Stop Anarchists In The Streets Of DC 

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While continuing to watch one of the live feeds we had up in the all day Inauguration thread, the coverage went to the streets of DC, where a reporter got caught up in the midst of violent protesters facing off with police. Law enforcement has arrested about 25 people in this one area already for […]

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Rally

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When: Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 1-5 PM Where: Your State’s Capitol Building Or Your Local Town/City Hall This peaceful rally is being orchestrated by “We The People” of the United States of America. The time for bowing down to tyrants has come and gone. Now, we will take a stand for America and for […]

Protesters Declare They Are Ready For War As America’s Impoverished Inner Cities Threaten To Erupt


Are we about to witness a new round of racially-charged protests, riots and demonstrations all across the United States?  On Sunday night, a protest that had been organized to commemorate the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri took a very violent turn.  An 18-year-old named Tyrone Harris that is being described […]

Video: Brave Vietnam Vet Stands Up To Rioting ‘Children’ In Baltimore


“I love my country. I love my Charm City. I’m not black, white, red, yellow or nothing” Amidst the chaos in Baltimore, one proud American decided enough was enough and stepped in front of police lines to confront and shame hoodlum rioters into going home. CNN cameras captured the man, a Vietnam veteran named Robert […]

NYPD Launches Plan to Deal with Protests – Arm Police with Long Rifles, Machines Guns and Extra Protective Gear

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Murders reached a historic low in NYC for 2014; overall crime was down across the board by nearly 5%; hell, even the holiday slowdown didn’t really lead to any additional crime. So clearly, now is the time when NYC really needs to implement a new anti-terrorism program which would empower a team of NYPD officers to roam around the city carrying […]

If Dr. King Were Alive Today He’d Still be Arrested, Like He was Dozens of Times Before


Alabama State troopers attack civil-rights demonstrators on Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965 When most people think of the great man, born Michael King on January 15, 1929, they see an advocate for peace, who is celebrated by the US government; honored every year, in January, on the third Monday. However, what the government tells us and […]



Media denied access to attend ‘Stand with the Prophet’ event Part of the barricade blocking press from interviewing attendees at Garland confab GARLAND, Texas – Hundreds of protesters were out in force at Muslim gathering blacked out to the media called “Stand with the Prophet” whose keynote speaker, an imam from Brooklyn, has been linked […]

100-year-old Navy veteran applauded for telling ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ protesters to ‘show some respect’

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Activists shouted down Navy veteran Dario Raschio in his moment of honor at event hosted by Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden Crowd applauded when Raschio scolded them to ‘show a little respect’ but the rest of the event was canceled after 45 minutes of chaos One protester was caught on video threatening a security guard: […]

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