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Take Charge Of Your Own Life: The First Steps To Food Independence

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Food Independence is a growing concern for many people, especially as access to foods that are free of GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals grows more and more restricted. For many, self-sufficiency is a path not only to independence and readiness, but a path towards a healthier lifestyle overall. Indeed, dependence on Big Agriculture and other […]

What To Do If You Can’t Evacuate Before a Hurricane

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There are a lot of people stranded in the areas that are likely to be the hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. While it’s easy to say, “Oh, they should have left earlier” and run through the gamut of blame, the fact remains that there are all sorts of reasons that leaving didn’t work out. Gas […]

5 Epic Disasters Are Looming Over Us Right Now

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Doesn’t it seem like all the disasters are coming at us at the same time? Here are 5 things that will make you glad you’re a prepper. And if you’re not, perhaps this is a cosmic kick in the pants that is telling you that you should be. Here are 5 epic disasters that are […]

Why Prepping Is The Best Way To Ensure You Have The Supplies You Need Before The Next Disaster

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Hurricane Harvey is providing a number of lessons to anyone who is serious about learning them — namely, that prepping is the only legitimate way to make sure that you and your family do not go without following a major disaster or societal collapse. As reported by Homeland Security Newswire, the storm left in its wake terrible destruction, but […]

Battle Ready Homestead: Going Off Grid? Here’s Some Tips. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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In a world that seems ruled by electronics and modern day living, lets look at what living off grid looks like. Why would someone want to live off grid? What are the worst mistakes that someone can do if they want to live off grid. And what are MUST Haves if your thinking about living […]

4 Invaluable Lessons From The Great Depression You Need To Remember

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The Great Depression was a low point in our history (pun intended), but in our collective experience of it, there are life lessons to be learned. Regardless of whether or not we are heading towards the same conclusion (hello, crypto-currency crashes), it would do well to remember some basic life hacks. It is, after all, always […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Introducing Battle Ready Homestead Live Every Saturday at 7 PM EST

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This week join me, Heather Gulley, as I welcome you to my farm and meet my family. I will give you basic farm life so you have an understanding of how we run things and what we have going on. Tennessee is an amazing place to raise our tribe of 7.  Followed by my exciting […]

Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste: Widows Mites. Join Celeste Live at 6PM MT/ 8PM EST

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​Join Celeste tonight as she goes over how does one take care of the widow? Please share this special evening and invite your friends! Live at 8 PM EST every Tuesday. To listen to the show, click the following link to listen live or for the archived show at or listen via phone. The Call-in Line to […]

This Is The Dawn of Civil Unrest: A Checklist for Preppers To “Ride Out the Storm”


Civil unrest used to be something we read about online, happening in distant countries like Egypt or Brazil. Civil unrest used to be something we read about online, happening in distant countries like Egypt or Brazil. But more and more over the past few years, we’ve seen it erupt right here in the streets of […]

Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste: The Pampered Chef. Join Celeste Live at 6PM MT/ 8PM EST

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  On Flock of Goats Preparedness this year we having been discussing some dense topics.  The holidays are almost here and it is time to turn our attentions to family, friends, fellowship and that means food. My special guest will be Ashley Crane, a Pampered Chef Consultant.  We will be talking about fabulous holiday recipes […]

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