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Outrage As Teen Vogue Magazine Publishes Article Teaching Children How To Have Anal Sex

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Parents, fight back against pop culture and the reigning cultural spirit of hedonism pushed by the sexual revolution. Your children are being inundated with messages like that of Teen Vogue’s encouragement to have anal sex. They need you to be their parent and not their friend. Be aware of what your children are listening to, watching, and reading. Do […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Raising Ladies and Gentlemen in a World of Selfies. Live Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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​What does it look like to raise girls to be Ladies, and boys to be Gentlemen? Do manners matter? Why does it feel like raising kids to be respectful of others is a lost art? We are going to tackle some of the ways you should teach your kids proper manners and why it matters? […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: My new Obsession and Update. Live Wednesday at 7 PM EST

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Things have been pretty crazy sense the last time I did a show. I am going to be giving you an update to all that has been going on. Then we are going to hop on the topic of my new obsession, called TRAVELERS NOTEBOOKS. What are they,? What do you do with them? and […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Weekend Fun and Talking with Teens. Live Every Saturday at 7 PM EST

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We are going to have a fun show tonight. I honestly didnt prepare tonights show….My 14 year old Daughter DID! Tune in to find out whats on the mind of a modern Teen Girl being raised in America. Seeing what its like to Live your religion and actually hearing the struggles and perks of being […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Essential Oils and Raising Modest Daughters. Live Every Saturday at 7 PM EST

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Join Heather on Battle Read Homestead as she discusses essential oils.  There are many different uses for essentail oils ranging from health, to bath and body products, and even cleaning! Heather will also be discussing the important topic of how to raise your daughters to be modest in this sexualized world we live in. To […]

Family Pain

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​ Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain (Psalm 127:1a, ESV). There’s no pain like family pain. “Unless the LORD builds the house,” the house will be built in vain and filled with pain. Family life is delightful and dynamic if prioritized, but difficult and draining if neglected. If life is not working at home, […]

Oil Companies Fight to Keep Their Poison in Toys

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You likely give careful consideration to your child’s nutrition, safety and schooling. But, did you know the simple plastic toys they play with each day may pose a danger to their health and wellness? Unfortunately, the chemicals found in your child’s toys may also inhabit your floors, kitchen storage, shower curtains and laundry detergents.1 Some chemicals […]



Ah, the technologically advanced future… It’s not quite like The Jetsons told us it would be, is it? First it comes out that the Amazon Echo not only saves all your voice data but (surprise, surprise) the police can access it. Now here’s a reason you might want to think twice about leaving your small children alone with […]

Authoritarian Governments and "Education"

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Centralized education that is dominated by government is very detrimental to freedom of thought. Government should be separated from education in the same way that it has been separated from religious institutions. I discuss the tremendous challenges that we face on Radio Sputnik: Centralized education that is dominated by government is very detrimental to freedom of thought. […]

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