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Battle Ready Homestead: Going Off Grid? Here’s Some Tips. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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In a world that seems ruled by electronics and modern day living, lets look at what living off grid looks like. Why would someone want to live off grid? What are the worst mistakes that someone can do if they want to live off grid. And what are MUST Haves if your thinking about living […]

Colorado county criminalizes self-reliance: Off-grid living punished like a crime

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(NaturalNews) There was a time in America — and not so long ago — when there was no “grid,” at least for those who lived outside of urban centers. To live self-sufficiently in rural areas was the rule, rather than the exception. People knew how to survive without electricity, running water, sewage systems or any […]

Land of the free? Governments increasingly make it illegal to live unplugged from the Matrix

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(NaturalNews) As state and local governments increasingly stretch themselves to the financial breaking point with free services and taxpayer-supported benefits, in addition to offering their normal services as well, they have become even more reliant on citizen participation in the mainstream. In short, governments need all the tax money and revenues they can get, and […]

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