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Watch Out: That New Walmart Cantaloupe Was Developed By Monsanto


There are millions of reasons not to purchase any product produced with the Monsanto name. Whether it’s a genetically engineered (GE) seed, or a fruit or vegetable that they sprayed with their highly toxic pesticides and herbicides, they have spent billions of dollars lying about the safety of their products. Take, for example, the new cantaloupe they conjured up […]

Code Words in Latest Executive Order Indicate Trump may be Getting Sucked into the GMO / Pesticide Swamp

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In the realm of swampy corruption and murky politics, it doesn’t get any murkier or “swampier” than the GMO / pesticide industry, which profits from the mass poisoning of the environment and the food supply with toxic, disease-promoting chemicals. While this “poison industry” enjoyed enormous government protection under both Bush and Obama administrations, clean food […]

RFK Jr. Launches World Mercury Project To Expose Neurotoxic Mercury In Foods and Medicines

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced today the launch of the World Mercury Project (WMP), a public health advocacy organization dedicated to ending exposure to neurotoxic mercury in fish, medical products, dental amalgams and vaccines. The group will focus on making sound science the driver of public policy. “We will expose […]

Federal Study: Monsanto Chemicals Poisoned Southern Town, Caused Many Cases of Liver Disease

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(NaturalNews) Monsanto has a bad reputation for a wide variety of reasons, but a new federal study of their worst crime scene has provided substantial evidence of the harm this corporation is capable of producing.Anniston, Alabama, is small town with a population of just under 23,000 people. It is also home to one of the […]

The Defeat of Hillary Clinton Just Dealt a Devastating Blow to Monsanto, Big Pharma and the corrupt Vaccine Industry

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(NaturalNews) The ignorant people voting for Hillary Clinton two days ago had no idea what they were really voting for. That’s by design, of course: They are kept deliberately dumbed-down by the complicit media which packed their brains full of anti-facts and twisted mush. While Clinton supporters mistakenly believed Hillary supported women, children, immigrants and […]

Federal Judge Gives City of Spokane, WA, the Go Ahead to Sue Monsanto


(NaturalNews) GMO king Monsanto has another legal problem heading its way.A federal judge has said that the city of Spokane, Washington’s lawsuit against the agro-chemical behemoth over pollution in the Spokane River can move ahead.Last year, the city sued the St. Louis-based Monsanto, alleging that the company knew for decades that it was making and selling […]

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