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Investigation Reveals The CIA Poisoned An Entire Town With LSD To See What Would Happen

When the inhabitants of the quaint village known as Pont-Saint-Esprit in southeastern France experienced hallucinations and what can only be described as mass insanity back in 1951, the flour...

37 Lies Americans Tell Themselves to Avoid Confronting Reality

Have you noticed the incredible detachment from reality exhibited by the masses these days?


For several years now, all over America, schools have been exercising what they call zero tolerance policy to suspend young children packing “suggestions of guns.”

Proof Of How Easily The Masses Can Literally Be Programmed To 'Conform'

I saw a video this morning which contained no graphic images, no violence, no nudity and no bad language, yet it was the most terrifying thing I have ever...


This piece is about tyrannical (and quite insane) psychiatrists, who see themselves as social justice warriors on behalf of the poor, the ignored, the forgotten, the oppressed.


Alex Jones goes in-depth on the way in which the new world order are dumbing down and destroying the population of the world.

Mind control through emotional domination: How we're all being manipulated by the "crisis of the now"

(NaturalNews) What you're about to read here is a revealing look at the psychological mechanism presently being used by government and media to achieve near-absolute control over the population....

Will Mind Control Technology Be Applied to the Oregon Patriots? Confidential Source Says Yes

I have an on-the-ground-report which has informed me that mind control technologies will likely be applied in the Burns, Oregon standoff. Yes, it is only one report, but the...

Mainstream media corporations opening labs to study how TV programming can manipulate human thinking

(NaturalNews) America’s legacy media companies – which have been hemorrhaging viewers and readers for years, not to mention revenue – have decided that, since they can’t compete with the...

The “Legends” TV Show Predicts Paris Attacks Six Months In Advance

The Legends TV show on TNT, predictive programming at its most accurate. Have you ever wished that you had the ability to foretell the future? If only you knew...

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